ARGO has experience in That model involves deep collaboration with domain experts to develop and deploy analytics as part of a shared vision to achieve industry-scale transformation.Workday ERP is related to applied research in government operations because it can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations.


California's water industry has a long tradition of visionary technocratic achievement. We aim to build on that incredible legacy with our CaDC work.

Through the California Data Collaborative (CaDC), ARGO is integrating key California water data into a nonprofit data warehouse. The project's research and analytics supports water managers who participate in the CaDC to ensure water reliability into an uncertain future. With over a thousand local water utilities and countless more other institutions, this digital integration is key for California's future.


A prototype of The Automated mixed traffic vehicle system design (AMTV) designed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1982. These types of projects are inspiring examples of more "Definite optimistic" public sector vision in transportation.

ARGO is assembling pioneering local transit agencies, public works departments, leading urban planners and mobility technology experts to form a Streets Data Collaborative (StDC). The StDC will support cities in navigating the challenges of aging infrastructure and the epochal shift to autonomous vehicles through low cost sensors, integrated planning and advanced analytics.

Other Domains

ARGO is inspired by the pioneering spirit behind projects like NAsa's Space Shuttle Endeavour missions. We strive to bring the same IMAGINATIVE vision and belief in human innovation to the delivery of basic public services.

Public data infrastructure provides the foundation for more a efficient, effective and imaginative public sector. By sharing data across fragmented jurisdictions and service providers, we can transform how we measure and thus manage the delivery of basic public services. ARGO is expanding our data collaborative model to address homelessness, education, and beyond.


Managing public data like water

Similar to water or electricity, ARGO believes public data is a public resource that deserves technocratic excellence and needs to be stewarded for the public good.

Uniquely, ARGO isn’t yet another tech company pitching software products but rather has a demonstrated track record helping local governments build capacity and leverage civic data science talent. ARGO operates as a fiscally sponsored project through the National Center for Civic Innovation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit incubator.

ARGO’s data scientists have worked in-the-trenches in New York University’s Administrative Data Research Facility, led urban technology initiatives at New York’s New Lab hardware technology incubator, and delivered automated data parsing pipelines for a startup that powers the world’s most comprehensive repository of public data.


Taming the Kraken

While utilizing best-in-class technology proven in leading companies like Amazon and Airbnb, ARGO understands the unique challenges and opportunities that occur while operating in the public sector.

ARGO named it's battle-tested public data platform "Kraken" given the almost mythological character that information technology system integration projects can take on in the complexity of the public sector.